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North London Football Clubs: How to Find Them

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Who doesn’t love watching a good game of football? If you love football and want to learn about some North London football clubs and how to find them, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll tell you who are the North London clubs with a bit of extra information below:


Arsenal FC was the first football club from the South of England to join the Football League in 1893, and by 1904 they were playing in the first division. Since then, this team has remained at the top of the league tables, except for 1913 when they were relegated and were immediately promoted the following year. 

Since they joined the Football League, Arsenal have had a lot of success. This club has won 13 league titles, including one season where they claim the illustrious title of ‘invincibles’ for a full season unbeaten. As well as this, they have earned a whopping 14 FA cups, one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, 17 FA Community Shields, two League Cups, and one European Winners Cup. 

All of these trophies give them the title of the third most successful club in English Football. Thanks to this, they have become one of the most popular teams in the world. People travel long distances to see this team compete at the Emirates Stadium in North London.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

How to Find the Emirates Stadium

If you’re interested in watching a match at the Emirates Stadium, or you want to explore the Stadium grounds, you’ll be pleased to hear that this club is easy to find with the postcode of N7 7AJ. The Emirates Stadium, which is open for matches, stadium tours and the Arsenal Museum, is located just a few yards away from their previous home of Highbury.

There are multiple ways you can get to the stadium on match days, including on the underground and by train. Another option is to travel in luxury by hiring a chauffeured car. Travelling in this way allows you to arrive in style and get dropped off right outside the entrance to the stadium.  

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is a football club situated in North London. Established in 1882 as “Hotspur Football Club” by a group of school children, it was renamed “Tottenham Hotspur FC” in 1884. However, despite this being its full title, it is more frequently called “Spurs” or Tottenham”. 

In the early days, this club played in the amateur leagues; they did not turn professional until 1895. However, it didn’t take them long to start winning trophies. Just six years after going pro, this team won the FA Cup, becoming the first non-league team to win this title since the formation of the Football League. They have since gone on to win this trophy another seven times, as well as the Football League twice, the UEFA Cup twice, the League Cup four times, and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup. 

Tottenham first started their training playing on land at Tottenham Marshes, but by 1888 they had moved to Northumberland Park. However, this wasn’t their final training place. In 1899, they moved to White Hart Lane and have remained there ever since. And while the team has always played here, the stadium has changed significantly over the years. In fact, in 2019, it was replaced with a brand-new Stadium for fans to enjoy. 

tottenham hotspur stadium

How to Find the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The great news is that Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is easy to find. It is located on White Hart Lane, N17 0BX, in North London. This stadium is easily accessible by public transport.

Not only can fans get close to this station on the underground at Seven Sisters and by train, but numerous shuttle buses run on match days. As well as this, fans can choose to cycle to the ground or travel in style in a chauffeured Bentley Bentayga. However, travel can be disrupted on match days so it’s a good idea to plan your journey well, especially if you are travelling by car. 

North London Derby

One of the most popular games in the calendar is the North London Derby. The North London Derby games are played between the top teams in North London: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Fans of both clubs consider the other to be their main rival. Over the years, both teams have succeeded in winning the trophy. Arsenal have won it 81 times, and Tottenham have won it 61 times. They have both walked away with a draw on 51 occasions.

Attending the North London Derby needs a lot of planning and preparation. It is a unique atmosphere that is not to be missed by fans of both clubs. But, it can be a potentially dangerous one as fans occasionally clash. If you want to be completely safe then use our security services in London to ensure you are fully protected travelling to the game.

Enfield Town

Enfield Town FC isn’t quite as well-known as the two teams above, but they are still a North London football club! This team are the country’s first fan-owned club. They play in the Isthmian League Premier Division and have won several trophies over the years.

Enfield Town plays at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium  at Donkey Lane, EN1 3PL in Enfield. Fans can find this stadium by train, with Enfield Town, Southbury and Brimsdown being the three nearest stations. Alternatively, they can travel by bus or by chauffeured vehicle. 

Haringey Borough

Another less well-known team located in North London is Haringey Borough. This team was established in 1907. They previously had several other names, including Tufnell Spartans and Wood Green Town. 

Haringey Borough plays at Coles Park, on White Hart Lane, Tottenham, N17 7JP, just down the road from Tottenham Hotspur. So, if you know where Tottenham Stadium is, you’ll easily be able to find this one. And as it’s so close to Tottenham, it can be accessed similarly. 

As you can see, some great football clubs are in North London, including Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. These clubs are easy to find and get to, and you can always arrive in style with one of our chauffeur driven cars.