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2024 Theatre Events & Musicals in London

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London is a fantastic city with plenty to do all-year-around, from exploring the markets of Camden to getting dressed up and enjoying a West End musical. If you’re visiting London in 2024, here’s an overview of 10 events that will more than make your trip.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

If you’re searching for truly special occasions while you’re in London, look no further than a visit to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. This remarkable outdoor theatre, which has shown everything from Peter Pan to Legally Blonde, presents the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and arrive in style with one of our chauffeur driven cars. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Sister Act the Musical

Continuing with the theatre nights, we’ve got the Sister Act musical at the Dominion Theatre. Join disco diva Deloris as she’s placed into witness protection following a murder. While taking refuge at a convent, she rises to the task of helping them rediscover their voices.  Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Matilda the Musical

When it comes to nights out in London, there’s nothing better than singing along to the innocent magic of Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in Covent Garden. Even if you’ve seen the Netflix movie adaption, we highly recommend allowing our chauffeur services to transfer you to this must-see musical. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Mrs Doubtfire the Musical

Made famous by the late Robin Williams in 1993, Mrs Doubtfire the Musical will have you laughing and singing along. Performing at Shaftesbury Theatre, the hilarious housekeeper will have you bent over in laughter for the entire evening. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

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MJ the Musical

The King of Pop might not be with us anymore, but that doesn’t mean Michael Jackson’s work isn’t still entertaining fans today. Allow us to take you to Prince Edward Theatre, where you can enjoy a deep dive into the artist’s preparation process for the critically acclaimed 1992 Dangerous World Tour. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

The Lion King Musical

If you’ve ever watched the Disney Classic, The Lion King, you’ll know all about Simba and his villainous Uncle Scar who plots to kill Mufasa and take over the Pride Lands. Now, you can use our service to arrive at the Lyceum Theatre in style, where you can sing along to Hakuna Matata with Timon and Pumba. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Musical

Follow Albus Severus Potter on his journey through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as he bonds with his classmates and battles against threatening dark forces. We may not be able to offer you a seat on the Hogwarts Express, but we can give you the next best thing with our outstanding fleet of chauffeurs. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Les Misérables

Let a London chauffeur take you back in time to the 19th century, where you can follow the journey of French peasant Jean Valjean. The award-winning musical Les Misérables, which has been a West End feature since October 1985, is the perfect way to put a memorable stamp on your visit to London. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

The Phantom of the Opera

From the genius mind of Andrew Lloyd Webber, we’ll take you for a night of chills as you watch The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. After this visually spectacular experience, we will collect you and take you to your next destination. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

Mama Mia!

Here we go again, but this time to the Novello Theatre so you can enjoy the Mama Mia! musical, which is based on songs made famous by ABBA. After soaking up the pop magic, let us take you onto your next destination. Visit Website. Book A Chauffeur Driven Car.

There are plenty of events in London to make any occasion special. If you want to top things off, let Chauffeur Cars of London allow you to ride in style no matter where your night takes you.