2024 UEFA Champions League Final: Wembley Stadium and How to Get There

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On Saturday, June 1st, 2024, the next Champions League Final will be held at the true home of football: Wembley Stadium. Whoever trots out onto the pitch on that amazing night will provide some of the highest quality football you will ever see with your own eyes, if you can get a ticket.

To be there to soak in all the atmosphere and witness some astounding football feats before one team is crowned the champions of Europe, you need to start planning now. Tickets sell fast, and accommodation and travel sell out just as quickly. Don’t be left staring at tickets you will never get to use and follow these tips for sorting out your road to Wembley.

Getting a Golden Ticket

The good news is that few tickets will sell before the finalists are announced, and some will have already been allocated to ticket providers and other resellers. If you don’t mind spending a little extra on fees, and you want to go to enjoy the football even if your team do not make it, you should be able to get your hands on some tickets fairly easily. This will change in time, especially once this season’s competition gets underway, so try and secure your seats as early as possible. With this box ticked you can start getting your other ducks in a row.

London Calling

The trip down to London can be a mess of stress at the best of times, and on the day of a cup final, all the stress dials get turned up to 11. There will be thousands of people making their way to the 2024 UEFA Championship Final, both on the roads and the rails. Many may even be travelling by plane to get there. The best advice is to travel before the day of the game and get set up and sorted well in advance.

Try to start making your way there at least the day before if not earlier. An occasion like this is worth taking a few extra days of holiday from work, and you will save yourself time, money, and stress. This could add to your budget a little, especially when it comes to accommodation and food and drink, but there are ways to save in those areas too.

Location, Location, Location

If you can afford it, rooms in and around Wembley will be available for the final but at a sky-high premium. Many rooms get booked well in advance by travel companies and sold on at a higher rate, so it pays to think a little out of the box when you are searching for your cup final accommodation options. You should search further out from Wembley across all of London, and even outside of the M25, to find a place worth staying in at a price worth paying. It will require you to book a transfer to the stadium, but this presents an opportunity to arrive in style – perfect for the Champions League.

Hiring a Chauffeur Car

Chauffeur driven cars are the ideal way to arrive at Wembley for a final. They get you to the game on time and ensure that you pull up looking the part for the occasion. Chauffeur services are the star player you need in your game plan for the 2024 UEFA Championship Final, taking the stress out of the day’s travel to and from Wembley. You can rely on executive car hire services and chauffeur hire London to know their way around and avoid any common traffic bottlenecks so you never miss a minute of the game and can return to your accommodation afterwards just as quickly.

Use these top tips to make a weekend out of the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final and enjoy every moment of it. Start planning early though, as everything gets booked up pretty quickly when an event of this scale is on at the world’s greatest football stadium.